Jensen is growing really fast. It’s amazing how much stuff he now knows compare to just a few short month ago. A while back he saw a tv show Thomas and Friends on the morning PBS station. Now when he wakes up, the first word he says is “choochoo” . He could watch the Thomas and Friends DVD all day, never seem to get tired of it. When we went to Target’s toy section, he will start running around looking for the Thomas toys. Just amazing how he is really that into it.

Video: Taste so good, but so sleepy! Sleepy

Today we went to Happy Hollow Zoo in San Jose. The Happy Hollow is a little zoo with a little amusement rides in the middle of the city. This is the 2nd time we went. Last time was raining , so almost no one was there. Today however, the weather was very nice, sunny and warm. A lot more people this time, mostly young children.

Jensen seemed to have had a good time. He spend most of time running around aimlessly, push his stroller. He did seem to enjoy the sheep and the dwarf cow. See the video.

A day at the San Jose Zoo

I am still learning how the blogging software works, trying to figure out how to do different things. Just found a WordPress plugin for video. So here is a 2 minutes clip of Jensen when he is about 9 month old.

Jensen play soccer video ( a new window will popup)