For the 2nd half of December, we took Jensen to Texas. He visited many places there, Dallas, Houston, Galveston and College Station. It’s his first time to leave home for so long. There was some getting used to, but he did great.

About a month ago, he started to take his first step and then gradually a few steps. A short time later, he has master the technique of walking and goes all over the place by himself. It took more than a year before he took his first step, but after that, the learning of walking only took him 2-3 weeks.

College Station is the home of my Alma Mater, Texas A&M University. Both the city and the university has changed a lot since I graduated more than 10 years ago. The engineering building where I had spent a lot of time hasn’t changed at all. It was a great visit to Texas again.

The A&M Zachry Engineering Building
TAMU Zachry engineering buiding

the Electrical Engineering Lab
TAMU Zachry engineering buiding

Jensen goes to university
Jensen in Zachry