September 2008

Our hotel is called Radegast (伯豪瑞廷) . It opened just before the Olympics, so it’s basically brand new. So far so good, all the staff are very friendly and the facilities are first rate. Some notable feature in the roomes are LCD TVs, one in the room as usual, but what’s unusual was that there is a 2nd one in the bath room. Very interesting. Another cool feature is the motorized blind control. Jensen got a kick out of that. The location of the hotel is also great, in the Central Business District, just east of the new CCTV station, and not to far to some good clean restaurants.

Outside view of Radegast Hotel:


Our room:

TV in bath room too:


View behind the hotel, the new CCTV building (aka 铁裤衩)


After a long flight, we finally touched down in the new Beijing airport. It’s been six years since I have visited Beijing. The very modern looking airport is just a prelude of what’s coming, that in the last few years, there has been a huge transformation of Beijing landscape in the making. The most the notable one, of course, is the new Olympic Villiage. In a word, it’s simply awsome, even more so in person than on TV.

In just a few days, we have already visited many places in Beijing. Jensen does not understand the significance of any of these places, but he seem to enjoy himself none the less. Nothing catches his attention better than the busy taxis and big buses.

Some of the places Jensen visited:

Qian3 Men2


Tian1 An1 Men2 square


Birds nest (National Stadium)

img_1042.jpg img_1045.jpg img_1056.jpg img_1073.jpg img_1078.jpg