We took a two week trip to Malaysia in December. It’s Jensen’s longest trip yet. It took total of 25 hours from San Francisco to Penang, Malaysia.

Penang Malaysia is definitely feeling very different from the Bay Area. The weather is very hot, even in December, something that take a little while to get use to. The area of Malaysia reminds a lot of small cities in Southern China. A lots of small shops, most with Chinese signs. First story of the building is used as a small shops, restaurants. Second story is used for mostly private residence. The street is very narrow and filled with small cars and mopeds.

Of course it’s not a complete vacation without trying the local food. The specialty in these region is the Hakka food. Most of the restaurants in the area are outdoors. Price is cheap and food are tasty. Being next to the ocean, there is a lot of sea food choices.

Jensen had a lot of fun. So much so he didn’t want to come home. Once home, he cries every morning when he goes to school.

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